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Is Apple customer service good? 2023 rating

macpaw customer service

They provided the support that resolved the issue. MacPaw accepts refund requests if they’re made within 30 days of when the product was purchased. However, they will not accept the refund unless the purchase was made fraudulently. To avoid dissatisfaction, MacPaw allows users to try each of their products before they purchase them. You can download a demo version of their applications to see if you really like them. Once you hit continue, you’re taken to a screen within the app.

macpaw customer service

I can not tell you how much I appreciate your quick and knowledgeable response. My experience with CleanMyMac X is strongly favorable. I had question and asked for help. The response was quick and it fully resolved my issue.

I recently had to use Mac paw support…

Macpaw is a outstanding company with great products great tech support thanks agin for the speedy resolution. CleanMyMac X works like a charm, is very reasonaby priced, and has really economized my disc storage space. I;m very impressed with both the product and the people. I have had difficulty using the app properly for a year now. Shortly after purchasing a subscription, I began experiencing login issues. Every time I turn on my MacBook, I have to enter my credentials, which has become quite annoying.

  • MacPaw will not issue a refund if the product you purchase does not support your operating system.
  • With Apple, you get free telephone technical support within the first 90 days of product ownership.
  • So I sent a help ticket, explaining that I want to cancel.
  • Then he quickly taught me how to do it via my Android device hotspot.
  • Actually, some of it was my fault by not following the instructions sent by the great folk at MacPaw.

Shopper Approved collects trusted reviews from customers who have made a verified purchase. Excellent assistance and quick response on a lost product key. However, the app didn’t fix the problem I was having. Great program, very well designed and thorough. Customer Service team was super responsive and helpful.

I have an ongoing problem with CleanMyMac Smart Scan and MacOS Sonoma

Then I said, well, what’s better, Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari? I quickly followed up with, “Which one is more secure? ” Phillip explained to me that they were all good and that I should be safe on any of the three. He then went on to say it was a matter of preference. This experience had me more determined to catch the next person, stump them, and irritate them with my computer-feigned illiteracy. I contacted a live chat agent and made sure he knew immediately that I was a laptop no0b, and I was very upset that I couldn’t get images from my phone onto my MacBook Air, using Apple’s AirDrop.

The company estimates that 1 in 5 Macs has a MacPaw app installed, and the brand has received recognition from a number of the world’s biggest tech publications. Although MacPaw is oriented toward Apple users (as suggested by the name), the company does also offer a few products that support Windows users. If you’re looking to save on that essential bit of maintenance software, check out our selection of MacPaw coupon codes to help you save on your order. With Apple, you get free telephone technical support within the first 90 days of product ownership. If you require service after the first 90 days, you will have to purchase an AppleCare plan. Apple has changed things up a bit this year, creating different tiers based on which device you have purchased.

Meet your personal Mac genius

Downloaded a trial subscription but needed to cancel. Procedure on site kept leading me in circles and the bot for online support couldn’t help. Contacted Support and immediately got a response. Issue was resolved by Anastasiia very professionally and courteously – highly commendable. Would recommend MacPaw without hesitation.

macpaw customer service

So it’s nice to see Apple’s dedication to its app remains the same. However, last year I did use the app, and it was very straightforward and welcoming, and it remains so. Initially, the app offers you three options, The first is Self-Solve, where you can get helpful information via the app to rectify an issue.

Natalia from MacPaw customer support…

The after-sales service was very responsive and solved the problem. It’s very user-friendly and does what it was designed to do. Have been using CleanMyMac X, CleanMyMac 3, CleanMyPC and Gemini 2 on multiple machines for several years and have had my first issue. Contacted support with their message form and received an email within minutes that my problem was resolved. Wish with all my heart that all software and support was as good as MacPaw.

macpaw customer service

We update our malware database regularly, so CleanMyMac X’s Protection module always has your back. They came back to me and checked on their side if their annual order went off three times – as it looked like on my side. They confirmed that it only went off once. Thank you MacPaw really appreciate your effort. Mark has spent 20 years headlining comedy shows around the country and made appearances on ABC, MTV, Comedy Central, Howard Stern, Food Network, and Sirius XM Radio.

Your new payment details and subscription method will be applied on the next billing date (see the Billing Details block). CleanMyMac X has all the tools you need to take care of your Mac. Free up gigabytes of space, speed up your Mac, protect it from malware — all it takes is a click. Use these 8 MacPaw coupon codes to save on maintenance software and applications.

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